Push a Bush

living sculpture
80 cm wide x 160 cm long x 160 cm high sized bush planted in a metal container with a diameter of 160 cm
taxus baccata, grass, soil, gravel, fiber textile, board, metal sheeets, metal tubes, wheels, bearings, ground screw, acrylic plaster, polystyren, pigment

Push a Bush was made for a temporary outdoor exhibition throughout the city of Roskilde, hosted by the Contemporary Museum of Roskilde. The piece consists of three living bushes planted in a buried rotable metal construction. It was placed in the middle of a shortcut on an empty lawn leading to the Viking Ship Museum. It has a green tounge sticking out from one of its short sides. The tounge can be used as a handle to rotate the hedge. This would ‘open’ and ‘close’ the shortcut.

Kindly made possible by the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Art Workshops, Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde, Plantinavia